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Veterans Services

Special Veterans Services & Benefits

Firing the Cannon

Sunset Memorial Park, Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC proudly supports our area's Veterans and their families and does so by allowing Veterans to access an interment grave space at Sunset at no charge. We also allow the Veteran's family access to grave spaces next to the Veteran's space. By providing us with a DD-214 (Honorable Discharge) from the military we will assist Veterans and their families with the acquisition of a grave space, a burial flag for services, a marker provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, filing of Veterans Burial Benefits reimbursement paperwork, and scheduling of Military Honor Guard for funeral services. Sunset also provides on-site Military Services that are unlike any other memorial park in the area. We use the Patriot Guard Riders to assist us in the firing of artillery volleys from three Civil War era cannons for every Veteran's service.

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Veterans Memorials

Garden of Valor

At Sunset Memorial Park we established a garden specifically for Veterans and their families called the Garden of Valor. This garden surrounds a flagpole and Eagle display designating this garden with a bronze plaque placed after the garden was officially opened and designated as a local Veterans Burial site by commanders and leaders from local Veterans groups.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is the newest addition to Sunset Memorial Park. This garden is made up of companion arrangements which include 2 interment spaces (1 space is complimentary to the Veteran) and a black solid granite cross. We chose this granite due to the durability and resistance to weathering as compared to other materials. At the center of the garden is a static display AH-1H 1971 model Cobra Helicopter standing guard over the Veterans' graves.

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Other Providers

Patriot Guard Riders

Was your loved one a soldier, police officer, or fireman?

The Patriotic Guard Riders, a nationwide organization of Patriotic men and women, would consider it an honor and privilege to provide your loved one the following services FREE of any cost to you:

  • An American flag line at the funeral home or church and the cemetery
  • An escort from the funeral home or church to the cemetery
  • Patriotic people with outstretched flags as shields to stand between any protestors and the mourning family and friends
  • Respect, honor, and support for the dearly departed, family, and friends
Patriot Guard Stands Vigil

The Patriotic Guard has an unwavering respect for those men and women who have served our country as soldiers, police officers, and firemen. We use motorcycles and support ve­hi­cles to provide an honorable escort and flag line at the funeral home or church and cemetery.

Please ask a funeral director about the Patriot Guard as well as other benefits available to Veteran's and their families at Sunset Memorial Park, Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC.

Contact Info

  • Bill Seyler
    Sr. Ride Captain

    Cell: (334) 494-2705
  • Jon Paulding
    Sr. Flag Captain

    Cell: (334) 803-1391
  • Howard Swain
    HOTH Coordinator Ride Captain,
    Ozark Area

    Cell: (334) 369-9090
  • Butch Moody
    Ride Captain Enterprise

    Cell: (334) 477-6368
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