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You have probably planned a lot of important times in your life: vacations, retirement, a daughter's wedding, or maybe a wedding anniversary party. Planning ahead was a good idea because you could be sure that the event would turn out the way you wanted.

There is another event that will happen in our lives, yet, most people don't plan or set funds aside for it: our funeral. The same smart thinking that made you plan ahead for other events applies to funerals, too. Many people say they'll "get around to it", but never do. Putting off such a critical decision can lead to an added burden on family members who will be left to plan and pay in the midst of their grieving. And, how would they ever know what you really wanted?

Take the first step and start planning now to help make life a lot easier for your family in the future. It doesn't take a lot of time, either. In fact, a short session to work out the details can take less time than watching your favorite drama on television. Of course, you can take all the time you need to get the details exactly right. Once completed, think of the peace of mind that will come from knowing you'll have the services you want and the sense of relief you have provided your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prearrange and plan out my funeral?

An Advance Planning Professional can help you choose the type of service and plan the details so your family won't have to guess what you would have wanted. Preplanning enables you to create a personalized celebration of your life and will allow your family and friends to focus on remembering and honoring you. And you will feel relieved that your final wishes have been shared and are written down. The process of preplanning the details will also help you determine how much you want to spend.

How would I "pay in advance"?

It's simple. We will not only help you plan the services you want, but can also offer funding plans specifically designed for this purpose. Funeral funding plans grow at predetermined growth rates, which can help keep pace with inflation and assure you of the funds necessary to pay your funeral expenses in the future. As an added bonus, the benefits are not taxable, unlike a CD or an Annuity plan and any excess funds can be returned to your estate.*

* Trust rules vary by state

Where would I get the money to pay for this now?

You may already have it. It may be in a 'rainy day' fund, a Certificate of Deposit, or a money market account at the bank among other places. By transferring the money from those sources and using it to fund a plan with a single payment, you will not only receive increased coverage from the first day of issue, but it will increase in value every day until it is needed.

If you don't have all the money readily available now, you can purchase a plan with convenient, multiple payment options to fit your circumstances or budget. Either way, your Advance Planning Professional has a plan that will enable you to fund your funeral today and make life just a little easier on those that are left behind.

To get started on preplanning and prefunding, contact us today. You'll be glad you did.

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What about cremation?

What are some of the reasons many people choose cremation?

An increasing portion of the population is choosing cremation as their final method of disposition. Many factors include:

  • Range of options
  • Environmental impact
  • Geography and population mobility
  • Religious acceptance
  • Memorialization felxibility

What are some advantages to preplanning my cremation services?

Many choose to preplan cremation services to ensure:

  • The service will reflect the life they have lived, the way they would like it remembered.
  • The amount of decisions family and friends will need to make at a highly emotional time is decreased.
  • It allows each individual to determine the total amount of money spent on their services. In addition, prefunding one's services will ease the financial burden placed on loved ones.
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Still not convinced?

The top 10 reasons why advance funeral planning makes sense:

  1. Regarded as an Exempt Asset...

    When you apply for Medicaid, SSI Benefits, Federal Bankruptcy, or apply for Nursing Home Care.

  2. It's Transferable...

    If you should move out of state, or simply choose another funeral home, your Advance Funeral Plan can transfer with you.

  3. Your cost will not increase...

    When you plan and fund your funeral in advance, it is purchased at today's prices. Your family will not experience the rising costs of inflation.

  4. Optional Payment Plans...

    Single and Multi-year payment plans are available. If death should occur before the payments are completed, the funeral plan may be paid in full, depending on the plan.

  5. A Program for Everyone...

    Based on your overall health condition, your Advance Planning Professional has a plan that will work for you.

  6. Consumer Friendly...

    After your funeral, if excess monies remain, they may be returned to your beneficiaries tax-free.

  7. Protects your loved ones...

    By planning and funding your funeral in advance, your family will experience less stress and avoid spending too much.

  8. Peace of mind...

    By knowing that your funeral is taken care of. You will receive the funeral you arranged, at the price you agreed to.

  9. 30-Day Free Look...

    If you should change your mind, you have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund.

  10. Solid Program, Solid Decision...

    Advance Funeral Planning is endorsed by lawyers, trust officers, and financial planners as an effective way to provide for final expenses and preserve your assets for your bene­fi­ci­aries.

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Educational Videos

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Other Materials

We offer several downloads including brochures and forms which can be filled out and given to family and friends to help inform them of their options or even your wishes for your own funeral. We list each below with a short description of its contents.

You may need to have certain software on your computer to view these files. For PDF files you will need Adobe Reader which you can download free from the link at the bottom of this page. For Word and Excel documents you will need Microsoft Office (paid) or OpenOffice (free). In many cases this software will come pre-installed on your computer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

The Answer Book for Funerals

Type: Adobe PDF (ebook)
[ view | download ]

This eBook discusses funerals - a subject which, as we go about our everyday lives, seldom enters our minds. When it does, we do think about funerals emotionally, and often with difficulty. This ebook will cover, in greater detail than our site, how to approach planning and how to navigate some of the regulations involved. You may also download this file for viewing on your favorite eReader. Dont forget you can contact us with any questions you may have.

10 Reasons

Type: Adobe PDF
[ view | download ]

There are many reasons to prearrange and prefund your funeral. This brochure explains 10 of the biggest reasons to consider pre-arrangement.

Planning for Everything

Type: Adobe PDF
[ view | download ]

If you haven't preplanned your funeral now is the perfect time to start. This brochure explains how to aproach the preplanning process and payment options.

Your Life. Your Story. Their Memories.

Type: Adobe PDF
[ view | download ]

Your story is unique and, like most people, you probably have certain ideas about how you want your life celebrtated and remembered. This brochure helps explain how pre-planning can help ensure those wishes are observed.


Type: Adobe PDF
[ view | download ]

A funeral option to consider. This brochure provides information on how pre-planning applies to cremation and a few details on cremation itself.

A Letter to my Loved Ones

Type: Adobe PDF (fillable)
[ view | download ]

This form allows you to create a record of your wishes for family to use when prepairing for your final arangements. It can be filled out on your computer screen and printed to give to family members.

Memories: A Reflection of Your life

Type: Adobe PDF (fillable)
[ view | download ]

This form is similar to the form above but explains the decisions involved in preplanning a funeral in greater detail. It also can be filled in on the comptuer and printed.

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