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Memorial Day

For over two hundred years America has called on its young men and women to serve in the protection of the freedoms which we all hold dear. Some come home... and some don't. Every year at Sunset Memorial Park we honor those who sacrificed everything so that we might enjoy our freedom...
...because freedom isn't free.

A Short History

Decoration Day - They Gave Their All

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was first observed after the American Civil War. Observers would gather around the graves of fallen soldiers to clean and decorate those graves with flowers collected nearby. These soldiers had died far from home and had no one to care for their graves. In this way Americans came together to ensure that our fallen soldiers would be cared for in death as they had cared for us in life.

Over the years the name the holiday was known by gradually changed as the tradition of caring for the graves of those fallen far from home spread. Then, in 1968, Congress signed Memorial Day into official law and cemented the name we know it by today.

At Sunset Memorial Park we observe Memorial Day on the final Monday of every May with food and drink, guest speakers, music, and of course decoration of the graves of fallen soldiers. Come join us this Memorial Day in remembering the price of freedom.

Wiregrass Area 11th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

  • Special Guest Speaker
  • Complimentary Hot dog Lunch Provided
  • Wiregrass Patriot Guard Riders Flag Display
  • Fallen Heroes Flower Laying Ceremony
  • Special Musical Guests
  • Ft. Rucker Honor Guard
  • Military Vehicle Display
  • Ceremony Starts at 10:00 a.m.
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